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Tap Tap Trillionaire – Top 23 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Hints, Page 2

18) Watch out for your traders to get hot. This happens completely randomly; however, it’s desirable as when they get hot, they will earn you about 5x as many coins for a short time. Their personality descriptions will often indicate how often they get hot.

17) When an investor comes into your office to talk to your CEO, a bar will appear at the top of the game screen. You have to earn money to fill that bar, so start tapping rapidly until that bar is filled. If it’s not filled in time, you get no bonus, but if you fill it before the time runs out, then you get a bonus from the investor (such as 10 books).

16) Tap the present icon whenever it shows up in order to collect a bonus. Most of the time you’ll earn a few hundred or thousand coins per second for fifteen seconds, but sometimes you’ll earn 25 gems at a time, which makes this essentially the fastest way to earn free gems in the entire game. Tap to get your gift even when you don’t think it will be gems.

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15) Another way to earn free gems is to tap on the achievements icon (denoted by a trophy) and see what achievements you can complete for gems. When an achievement unlocks, a red number will appear next to the trophy. When it does, tap it to collect your free gem prize. Do this as often as you can to load up on free gems.

14) For the best bonuses, make sure that you are playing in an area with an internet connection. If you are connected to the internet you will earn video-enabled bonuses, where you watch a video and then collect your reward. These rewards are far greater than any that you get without having to watch a video first.

13) Another way to earn free gems (or coins) is to go to the furniture section of the game, then scroll down to the part of the menu that says “fortune spot”. Scroll down to the Futuristic Robot and buy it, and you will earn 10 free gems every three hours for the rest of the time that you play the game. Purchase the coin flower to earn 100 free coins every minute.

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