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Tap Tap Trillionaire – Top 23 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Hints, Page 3

12) Aside from those two items, though, there is no performance to be gained from buying any of the new furniture. It’s a great way to customize your hedge fund, but it will have absolutely no practical usage. If you don’t want to spend any extra money, then simply stick to the furniture that you already have.

11) However, you can get rid of the ugly cardboard boxes for free. Go to the furniture menu and go to the Football Table menu, and you will see the supply boxes listed as a checked option. Uncheck it and remove the boxes and they will no longer show up in your hedge fund.

10) Occasionally, the travelling salesman will show up, offering to sell you furniture for a deal, but it will usually be expensive. You can find similar furniture most of the time in the furniture store, but you will almost never find the exact same furniture in the main in-game store as will be with the traveling salesman.

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9) Buy low, sell high. That’s the key to making a clean profit as an investor in this game. Look at the charts before you decide whether to buy or not, and wait until the most recent dot for a stock is on the low side. Then wait til it goes up to the high side in order to sell the stock.

8) If you buy a stock and it begins dropping, there’s no need to panic, especially if you did it right and bought on the lower half of the chart. If it drops even lower, buy even more, then wait for it to bounce back up. Then once it bounces back up, sell it off for a quick profit.

7) Upgrade your stock trading license and you can old a much higher amount of stock, enabling you to do quick one-touch buying of massive amounts of stock. Selling is a little bit more tedious, but it is more than worth the profit.

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