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Tap Tap Trillionaire – Top 23 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Hints, Page 4

6) Purchase the artifact and bond trading licenses whenever you get the chance and money to do so. These are different than stocks but they still trade in a similar fashion, and the same rules apply. Buy low, sell high, don’t panic-sell at a low level or you will end up losing money, etc.

5) Gems, as previously discussed, are the premium currency of the game. One of the better uses for gems is to purchase premium traders, although the premium traders tend to be more expensive to upgrade. They are also not worth it if you already have all eight of your visible trader slots full, as you will have to send a trader on an unpaid vacation in order to get a new trader to take their place.

4) One of the better uses of gems is the Make It Rain function, which allows you to spend 100 gems and make a large amount of money appear instantly. Others include the skill reset and the “Power of Holding” which auto taps 30 times per second for 120 seconds.

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3) When an investment opportunity pops up in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, consider the trader and their percentage of success before you take the offer. Your rarer traders (more stars, gold, etc) will have a higher chance of success, and when they do succeed, they will earn more profit for you compared to the more common traders.

2) If an investment fails, you can use gems to try to recover the money that you lost. Be careful in doing this, though; it’s easy to get into a habit of doing this because of being afraid to lose money, only to end up blowing all of your gems on trying to redo your turns.

1) Tap the investment opportunities even if you don’t see a benefit in investing in general. Sometimes the investment offer that you get will be in gems, rather than in coins, and these tend to be far more lucrative. You’ll spend maybe one or two gems to get 7+ gems, making it far more worth it to invest and take the risk.

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