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Tap Titans 2 – How to prestige quickly and load up on skill points, relics and artifacts (Page 2)

Skill points are something that is entirely new to this game, and while they are earned from prestiging, they are earned in a completely different way than relics are, and they are few and far between compared to relics.

You earn a new skill point for every 50 new levels that you beat. For example, your first prestige will be most likely just after level 100, earning you two skill points.

Once you beat the level 150 boss and prestige, you’ll earn one more skill point. And so on and so forth.

Skill points can be used for purchasing new skills, but if you see one that’s still locked that you would like to purchase sometime in the future, save the skill points for later and keep prestiging instead.

You have to follow the given skill tree but if you want to reset your skills later, you will be able to for a cool 35 diamonds. This will earn you all of your skill points back.

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If you want to make it to your prestige gold level REALLY quickly, then you can do this game’s version of the time lapse cheat; however, if you do this, you will have to contend with the game catching you red-handed and tap the offline gold button EXTREMELY quickly between start-up and the pop-up.

And then offline gold will be disabled for the entire time that you cheated off anyways, so the vast majority of the time it’s not worth it to use the time lapse cheat.

If you want to reset your artifacts, the only real way to do so is to delete and then reinstall the game, or to reset your account.

Doing this isn’t worth it anyways because of how long it takes to get to the point where you can prestige for the first time.

Better to just do more prestiges and keep trying to get new artifacts.

Once you are at a sky-high bonus level, you will be able to let your heroes do all of the quick killing for you, without even tapping at all.

Just buy the hero upgrades while they kill enemies at high-speed in the background. At these levels you will get to the point of prestige very quickly, but it will be far less worth it to prestige early due to the limited amount of relics that you get for doing so.

As always, to maximize any boosts, join a clan, especially one at the highest possible challenge level that you can find.

Participate in challenges every day because once the day’s raid boss is beaten, your multiplier level will increase.

The higher your multiplier, the quicker and more frequently that you can prestige.

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