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Tap Titans 2- Ultimate Guide: Top 20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies (Page 3)

12: Every 5th boss will be extra hard to kill, because these are the final bosses of the area that you are in at the moment. Save your mana for these bosses if you are running low on mana at the moment. These are also the bosses that will earn you the most gold when you beat them, compared to the other nearby bosses.

13: There are two types of equipment that you can earn as you play. One is the hero equipment, which there is one of per hero. If you get a full repertoire of equipment (one per hero), you’ll earn a huge 10x multiplier damage bonus. If you get equipment for the Sword Master, you have to manually equip it and it tends to have small effects compared to some of the other boosts that you can unlock. However, every little bit makes a difference.

14: Every single one of your heroes will be able to evolve twice; once at level 999 and once at level 1,999. Each time, they will get a huge boost in power. There are also hero skills beyond both of them, all the way up to level 4,000 for each hero.

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15: Your pets can execute two types of special attacks. One of them is when they start flying around the side of a Titan and glowing in white. Tap them and they will launch a high-damage attack. You can do this about four times in total and then they will be back on the ground. The other is when they fly directly in front of a Titan and glow white. Three circles will fill up gradually with each tap, and when all three of them are full, tap the pet to launch an extremely powerful attack.

16: If you want to level your heroes rapidly without spending all of your money, especially in the interest of increasing DPS multipliers or unlocking hero skills, go to the options menu and enable level rounding. This makes it so that when you level 10 or 100 times, it rounds to the nearest multiple of 10 or 100 rather than just adding 10 or 100 levels to your hero. Turn it back off whenever you want the max-upgrade for your heroes instantly.

17: If you get a Make it Rain perk, whether from the fairy or from a diamond purchase, wait as long as you can to use it, because the higher your stage, the more gold you’ll earn from it. Use a bunch of Fire Swords and rapid-tap your way through as many bosses as possible before using the Make it Rain perk.

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