Tap Titans: How to get more artifacts and relics, page 2

Using all of that prestige that you earn from doing this, you can get artifacts, but they become more expensive as you come to own more artifacts. For example, the first one that you purchase will only cost you one relic. The second one, however, will cost three relics to buy, and the third one that you take possession of will cost seven relics to buy.

Since relics are fairly hard to come by even with the above tips, it can save a lot of money to upgrade your artifacts instead. The first upgrade to an artifact costs only two relics, while the second upgrade and subsequent upgrades cost more. They will improve upon the stats that are already imbued upon the artifacts. For example, if the perk is a 15 percent increase in the gold bonus from a boss, it will be 30 percent gold bonus from a boss next time that you upgrade.

You can earn even more relics if you break down an artifact that has been upgraded already, rather than one that hasn’t been upgraded. Of course, if you have already upgraded an artifact, chances are that means that you like it enough to keep it around, but the option is there if you choose to use it.

Sometimes a relic may even drop from the treasure chests that the angels are carrying. However, this even less likely than the chances of earning a relic for beating the boss of a level – that is to say, barely even likely at all. Some players might go through the entire game without finding a relic from the treasure chests, so don’t be surprised if you never see it happen.

Each time that you play through after making prestige will go by faster than the last time due to all of the boosts afforded to you by the artifacts every time. As the artifacts pile up, the damage boosts and the gold boosts will cause the game to go by exponentially faster, making it a much quicker job to earn relics throughout the game.

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