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Tap Titans: How to prestige quickly and how to make the most out of your prestiges, page 2

When you finally do prestige, your relics gained will depend on many things. The first thing that it will depend on is how many team members you have unlocked in the DPS column. The more you have unlocked, the more relics you will get, including a big bonus if you have unlocked every possible team member before prestiging,

Then, the other bits that will matter are the amount of levels passed and the amount of upgrades done to your own tapping power. These will all factor in to how many relics you will earn for yourself when you prestige. If you do it as soon as you can then you will earn maybe two relics, but if you wait to fill all of the qualifications you will earn FAR more.

Don’t wait around to prestige when you are doing it for the first time, though. Wait longer when you have more artifacts and relics under your belt because the more artifacts that you have equipped, the shorter that it will take for level 600 to come the next time that you start over.

You keep your diamonds and achievements when you prestige too, so use this to your advantage. Wait longer and longer to buy the Make it Rain power up so that you can get the max amount of gold when you to purchase it. However, buy it at the most strategic time possible so that you can get quick boosts to speed the progress along even more.

Once you run out of good artifacts or you have to spend a ton of relics just to get one more, your best bet is to start upgrading your artifacts. Simple upgrades cost very few relics and are hugely effective. Then prestige again and see the gigantic boosts that you get from doing so.

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Beware and don’t delete the app when you are doing this, though. If you delete the app, then the next time that you install it again you will end up right at the beginning with not once single trace of your previous progress intact.

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