Tap Titans: How to prestige quickly and how to make the most out of your prestiges

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Tap Titans is another iteration of the whole Make it Rain/Billionaire formula, except that in this one, the old tap to win style of gameplay is mixed with a nice little RPG style. One of the more unique parts about this game is the ability to prestige, like in some of the Call of Duty games. Prestige allows you to keep your artifacts and relics, while starting the game over. Read on for a guide on how to prestige and how to do it right!

The first step in prestiging is to make it all the way up to level 600 – Not the level 600 as in beating 600 bosses, but level 600 as in you have upgraded your tapping power all the way up to 600. Do this by any means possible because this is literally the only way to unlock the Prestige ability.

Once you get there, Prestige will appear at the bottom of your tap upgrade menu, underneath Midas Touch and all of the other unlockable skills. Unlike all of the other abililties that you can unlock, Prestige will require zero gold coins from you. You can do it no matter how much or how little of the currency you have.

Once you beat the level 80 boss, you will unlock the ability to get artifacts and relics. Artifacts are pieces of equipment that you can equip for huge stat boosts and relics are the special currency that allows you to purchase artifacts. Don’t prestige until you hit at least level 80, because the whole point of prestige is to allow you to get more relics to purchase more artifacts.

Once you get to level 80, get you first artifact, and then when you prestige for the first time, get another artifact. Equip them and you can keep them even after restarting. Then, the second time that you go through the game, it will go by almost twice as quickly due to the massive stat boost that is afforded by the artifact.

You can prestige as many times as you want. The more you prestige, the more artifacts that you get and the more artifacts that you get (and relics for that matter), the bigger and crazier the damage boosts and gold boosts that you will have on a permanent basis Every time playing through the game will go by more and more quickly. In fact, there are even ways to get more relics per prestige so that you can make the most out of all of them.

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