Tap Titans: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 5

By | December 22, 2014

There are a LOT of stages in this game, enough that you could probably play for years and still keep going. As of right now, there are 1,100 levels in this game. After that, you literally have nowhere to go until the developers add more levels to the game… which is why you use the Prestige power up.

Prestige, just like the Call of Duty rank of the same name, allows you to start the game over with extra bonuses. In this case, it will let you start the game over, and when you start over, you will have the ability to gain relics, which allow you to earn more artifacts. You can prestige more than once, and every time that you do, you will gain more relics.

To prestige, you have to upgrade your hero’s tapping power all the way up to level 600. Once you do, it will become available for purchase, and when you purchase it, that’s when the game will start over. Otherwise, if you want to keep all of your stuff you can keep playing until, as stated above, level 1,100.

If you want to see who has gotten the furthest on the game up until this point, go to the Game Center menu and look at who the top leaders are. Unfortunately, none of the leaderboards take prestige into account, and some of the accounts, such as Shaky Bird’s account, are hackers.

Sick of your heroes getting killed by the boss? If you are sick of them getting killed and you have a large collection of diamonds, spend them on the Guardian Shield power up. A hundred diamonds gets you immunity to heroes getting killed by the boss for 24 hours straight.

Any time that you want to skip all of the cooldowns, simply tap one of the ones that has not finished yet, then you will get the option to spend diamonds to skip them. This is one that costs a whole lot of diamonds, but using this will let you at least attempt a boss battle sooner that you previously failed to beat.

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