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10) How to beat almost any boss easily.
If you are having trouble beating a boss character, then your best bet is to wait until you have all of your skills back. If this still doesn’t work, then start a battle, use your jump attack, then it shut off or minimize the game and wait for the required amount of time until the cooldown is finished. Then reopen the game and you will still be in the middle of the boss battle, but the cooldown will be done. Use your jump attack again. Repeat this as many times as necessary to be a boss.

9) Keep on the lookout for Chesterton.
Chesterton is the most valuable of all of the enemies that you will face in this game, including the bosses. The reason for this is that you will earn a massive amount of gold coins in exchange for beating Chesterton. Beat Chesterton to earn a huge amount of gold, and make sure to never hit the fight boss button while Chesterton is on the screen.

8) Upgrade your tapping skills as well as your tapping power.
Unlocking your tapping the skills is a huge boost to your play, but it is not the biggest boost that you can yet, not by a longshot. Upgrade your tapping skills whenever you can and you will notice that they become far more effective. If you are stuck on a boss that you cannot beat, upgrade these and you may end up finding that the boss is far easier to beat.

7) Get rid of the pop up ads for free.
If you want to get rid of the pop up ads for free, all that you have to do is play the game in airplane mode or shut off the cellular data and the Wi-Fi. It is generally not recommended to do this though because you need an Internet connection in order to watch the advertisement videos that earn you bonuses.

6) Do batch upgrades to see your tap damage and DPS to save time.
After you tap the upgrade button a couple of times on pretty much anything, buttons will appear next to it saying either +10 or +100. As long as you have the coins to do so, you can tap one of these buttons to upgrade that specific skill either 10 times or 100 times.

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