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Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country: Prestige Guide – How to get Prestige Points, Soldiers, and Tech Cards

Tap Tycoon is Game Hive’s new clicker game, and can be considered the spiritual successor to Tap Titans. Like the latter game, you can prestige when you get to a certain point in the game. You can do this to earn soldiers, prestige points, and tech cards, but each of these requires a different method in order to maximize your earnings. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to prestige effectively and load up on soldiers, tech cards and prestige points in Tap Tycoon!

Prestiging requires something different every time that you do it. When you are playing through the game the first time, you will need to rack up 20 trillion dollars in order to be able to prestige. After the first time, the requirement will be different for each prestige. Tap on the red menu, go to the Stats button and check your Max Net Worth. This is how much you will need to earn before you become eligible to prestige again.

After that is taken care of, you will be able to prestige whenever you want. Do so immediately if you just want to earn the prestige points. Each prestige point will add to your total multiplier for all earnings, whether they’re tap earnings or passive earnings. There is no set amount as to what they will add – it depends on how many times you have already prestiged – but you will always have a higher base income multiplier post-prestige.

Soldiers are calculated a little bit differently, though. Soldiers are important because you can send them to war against other countries, and the more soldiers that you send, the bigger the bonus that you get at the end of the world war, no matter how your country finishes in the war. The amount of soldiers depends on how many you have already sent, and on how long you have gone since your last prestige.

The world war happens every sunday. After the war is over, the count of soldiers sent will drop back down to zero. Then when that happens, you can start sending soldiers over again from scratch in order to participate in the next world war.

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The more soldiers you have already sent, the harder it will be to get more soldiers to send before the war begins. When your soldier count drops back down to zero, you’ll have an easier time getting more soldiers. If sending a ton of soldiers is your goal, wait as long as possible after the world war is done before you prestige.

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