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Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Getting a high prestige bonus is the easy part. This depends upon how much overall money you make and how much your maximum net worth is when you prestige. The amount of multiplier added per prestige point is never given exactly, but the more prestige points, the more cash you earn as a base amount. While the percentage multiplier given changes per prestige. you will never earn less after a prestige; only more.

Getting more soldiers is a little more difficult than getting prestige points is. Soldiers added are a function of prestige points added relative to the amount of prestige points you already have, which is why it is generally easier to send a whole lot of soldiers earlier in the game than it is after a ton of prestiges.

Send soldiers at regular intervals so that you can have your name in the leaderboards for the next world war. You are automatically added to a specific country’s banner when you log into the game; if you want to switch countries, delete the game and spoof your location with various methods, such as with a VPN set in one country, or even by physically going to the other country.

The higher your rank among your country’s contributors of soldiers, the better that your bonuses will be. So for that purpose, switch to a smaller country on the list or a country without as many active players if you want to make it easy to get high into the rankings. Using a Make It Rain can also earn you quick angels and tech cards, although you’re best off just spending 500 gems on 5 tech cards directly.

Tech cards are earned in much the same way soldiers are; go for a long time without prestiging and give a huge increase to your max net worth and prestige points count relative to what your current max net worth and prestige point count are. What that means, to put it in a simpler way, is that the longer you wait between prestiges, the better your shot at earning tech cards.

After you hit 100 points, the synergy bonuses (milestones where all of your businesses reach the same level) will come every 100 points that you get. Each time you reach one of the new milestones, you will either double your speed or double your income. Keep working toward the next milestone, and when it gets to a point where it takes too long to get to the next one, that’s when you should prestige again.

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