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Taps to Riches – How to load up on Bizbots as quickly as possible

Taps to Riches is a new game for the iOS and Android where you play as a reformed supervillain whose goal is now to take over the world legitimately, one business at a time. Bizbots are the key to getting as far as possible on this, as they allow you to sell off all of your businesses and start over again in exchange for a bonus boost to all profit. There are some little-known ways to load up on Bizbots extremely quickly, though. Read on for some tips and cheats for earning tons of Bizbots very quickly!

At each play-through of the game, you will have to pass a certain money milestone in order to be able to sell your businesses and earn Bizbots. If you have enough gems though, you will not need to reset in order to take your rewards. Just spend the gems, 30 in total, and you will be able to stay where you are at and take your Bizbot bonus. This is best spent when you have an extremely large amount of Bizbots to collect, as this will allow you to keep the momentum going.

Use the time lapse cheat to gain cash instantly whenever you want to. Generally, the best way to go about it is to do an hour at a time, go back and do all of the upgrades that you need, then go back and do an hour at a time, and repeat until you have enough potential Bizbots (100% or more increase) to make it worth it to prestige, or until you have enough cash to break past the Bizbot barrier.

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Another way to speed up the Bizbot gain instantly is to buy into the VIP program. Go to the in-app purchase store by hitting the plus sign next to the gems, then purchase some. Buying gems earns you VIP points, and when you earn more VIP points, you raise your VIP meter. At different levels, you will earn different bizbot bonuses.

Once you prestige and sell all of you businesses, you will then be able to spend Bizbots on additional boosts. Wait to buy the boosts until you have enough Bizbots to easily offset their loss after spending them (for example, don’t spend 3/4 of your bizbots on a 2x global boost).

Make smart use of your advisors. The advisors with global boosts attached to them are generally the ones who will have the most beneficial effects on your efforts. Also, as soon as you activate Bizbots again, your 2x boost will run itself out automatically, but you will be able to refill it again for free.