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Taps to Riches: Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Taps to Riches is a new clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms Game Circus LLC. You play as a former supervillain who just got released from prison who is trying to go the straight route. But you still want to take over the world, so your new goal is to do it legitimately. You can buy businesses in multiple cities, earn cash, gems, and Bizbots. Read on for some tips and tricks for Taps to Riches!

With each time that you level up a business, you will increase the amount of income that it makes; however, each time that you level it up by a multiple of 25, you will multiply the speed of earnings by 4 or 5 times. Make the multiple of 25 your milestone to shoot for. You can hold the upgrade button to speed through upgrades but don’t hold it for too long or you will end up blasting through more levels than you intend to.

Head over to the Bizbot menu and you will be able to sell all of your businesses in exchange for Bizbots. Each Bizbot will earn you a bonus of 2% to your income apiece, but even bigger bonuses can be earned by buying upgrades in the same menu. Each upgrade costs a certain amount of Bizbots to buy and one you spend them, your percentage bonus drops correspondingly. But spend just enough to maximize your possible bonus.

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Each trap on the house in the lower left corner of the screen earns you money but the screen only registers one finger at a time. Still, alternate between two fingers at high speed to maximize how much you can earn from tapping especially when you have a business bonus that boosts your profits.

You can unlock more advisors by spending gems on chests, and you can earn more gems by completing achievements in the game. Each time that you complete one, go to the achievements menu to claim your prize, or if you have no prizes to claim yet go to the menu to see what you have to do to unlock more of them. You can only have three advisors at a time do before adding one to your active roster, make sure that the bonus that they provide is relevant to one of the businesses or areas that you have already unlocked.

You always have a shot at earning you lame advisors even if you spend lots of gems on a high level spin. For a safer purchase, go to the store page and buy one of the permanent boosts with Gems. You can permanently double your tap profits or your global business profit this way.