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Tavern Quest for iPhone: How to get free gems

Tavern Quest is a restaurant game with a twist. This particular restaurant game is a 3D game set in a fantasy environment, and in this game you get to cook up fun crazy fantasy recipes. There are also quest modes that allow you to do battle Final Fantasy style against characters, using your own band of heroes.

Gems are the premium currency in this game. Not only do they let you speed up the cooking of food and speed up how quickly a hero eats, they also let you recover food that is getting eaten by gremlins, plus it allows you to buy premium stoves, kegs and other kitchen hardware. Read on for info on how to get more free gems!

One way to get all kinds of free gems is through the vast multitude of quests available in the game. Go to the quests menu when you are at your tavern (the icon looks like a quest or a diary, in the upper left corner of the screen), tap on it, and start scrolling through the quests and looking at what rewards you get for them. While most of them say “XXX coins and YY experience”, some of them will say “X gems and Y experience”. Go for these ones.

Also, during the tutorial, instead of using gems to speed things up when you have to wait for something to get done (even when the game tells you to do so), wait it out and you will keep the free gems that the game gives you. In addition, you get free gems the first time you try to recover food that got taken over from a Gremlin.

Finally, the best way to get free gems is to tap on the gems bar at the top of the screen. A menu of gem packages to purchase will pop up along with a “FREE GEMS” button. Tap that button and it will pop up a whole bunch of offers for you to complete, most of which are free and require no purchase. Complete as many of those as you see fit and watch the gems roll in.