Ted Ginn Kick Return – Get more cash and Redeem Codes

Ted Ginn: Kick Return takes the act of returning a kick and turns it into an entire sport in and of itself. Cash is the currency of the game, and it’s used to purchase free agents and upgrades for both your defense and your kick returner. Cash can be hard to come by, but there are plenty of ways, such as redeem codes, to get loads of it. Read on to find out how to get more cash in Ted Ginn: Kick Return!

The main way to get more cash is to play the current league. Move up to the next league, and everything that you do will earn you more cash. Your two main cash bonuses are for winning or for each touchdown that you score during a game.

After you beat a league, you will only earn 1/10 of the cash for playing it than you otherwise would. Your best bet is to go for the newest league, every time. To stay in the current league and farm for cash for a longer period of time, though, you can always do the following: Win the first two rounds, so that you can earn the victory bonuses. Then, in the third round, lose intentionally so that you start the league over again. Repeat as often as you see fit.

Redeem codes are another great way to earn cash. The current redeem codes for Ted Ginn: Kick Return are:
HUDDL – Earns you 5,000 cash
33331 – Earns you 5,000 Cash
78780 – Earns you 7,800 Cash
43438 – Earns you 4,800 Cash
19019 – Earns you 9,000 Cash
33319 – Earns you 9,000 Cash

Keep checking around for more redeem codes, and post any more that pop up in the comments section of this article. Redeem codes will pop up fairly often. The source for most of them is the Ted Ginn: Kick Return Facebook page. Others can be found around randomly. Enter all of these codes and you should be able to afford to draft Ted Ginn Jr. right away!