Tekken Mobile – Tips, Cheats, Strategies, Upgrades and Unlock Guide

Tekken Mobile (aka TEKKEN™) is the latest in the fighting game series. In this entry for the iOS and Android platform you can unlock fighters from all across other games of the series (including the mobile-exclusive Rodeo), fight against other players’ dojos, collect coins and gems, and progress through stories to fight back against the revenant. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tekken Mobile!

In battle, your WAZA cards are the most damaging and valuable of your attacks, but your tap attacks are useful too, and when you string the two together, you can make extremely long combos that are nearly impossible to defend against. Hit them with a stun card or a guard break card, followed by a three-tap combo, followed by another card, followed by yet another three-tap combo, as an example.

You’re going to need to use your whole range of characters in order to explore as much as possible without having to use up all of your revives and heals, so spread the upgrades around evenly instead of just using all of your shards on a few specific characters. And for elemental advantages, take three different types with you so that you can Gian as much advantage as possible by type advantages. Fire beats earth, earth beats thunder, thunder beats water, and water beats fire.

Compete in the dojo as often as possible so that you can earn as many chests as possible. Unlock them to earn shards, character fragments, or whole characters, and to compete with other players for a rank increase. The higher your rank, the more rewards you can earn when the tournament ends, which can even include free gems.

Another way to earn free gems without having to purchase them is to complete achievements, which are located inside of the trophy menu at the top right corner of the screen. The vast majority of them will earn you free gems. Daily rewards and level-up rewards tend to be more wide-ranging, with characters, shards, fragments, and coins being included much of the time.

When upgrading your fighters, don’t just level them up. Dole out their skill points wisely too. You can upgrade various aspects of strength, agility or utility. Each one can be upgraded once it’s equipped into a spot too, so try not to cram multiples of the same upgrade into different nodes because leveling up a filled node will allow you to do the same thing without wasting a space.