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Tennis Clash – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Tennis Clash is a new PvP tennis game for the iOS and Android platforms, and is arguably the best one that’s available for either device. You and other players bet coins on who will win tennis matches against each other; then, of course, your goal is to beat the opposing player at tennis.

As you win more often you can earn more and more trophies, earn coins and gems, open boxes, load up on all sorts of new equipment, and play in more expensive and tougher tours, risking a lot but earning a high reward, too.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Tennis Clash!

Basics of the matches

When you’re playing the tutorial, pay attention to how many points you earn when you hit the ball in a specific area. The points go away after the tutorial, but the areas with the highest amount of points are the ones that the players will have the hardest time hitting. The further into the corners you hit the ball, the less of a chance of the ball getting returned.

The quicker and farther you swipe, the faster the ball is. Get the ball as close to the end of the court as you can without going out of bounds; if you go out of bounds, your opponent gets the point.

There is a use for slow hits, such as lobbing dinky volleys over the net to draw the other player close, or dropping a serve in just barely past the net. The closer to the meet that you are when you hit the volley, the more successful you’ll be at landing the shot. Too far back, and you’ll just hit a lob that we’ll be super easy for your opponent to smash back at you.

When you set up for the volley though, be careful that you don’t set yourself up for the ball to get hit past you. Set up at the last possible second so that you keep your opponent off guard, and they don’t know where to set up.

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More ways to load up on points

The best way to score points against other players is to draw them to one side of the court, then fire a ball off to the other side beyond their reach. The next best way is to use soft lobs to draw them close to the net, then launch a hard shot that lands at the back half of the court that they can’t reach. Either way, your goal is to draw them out too far.

Another way to score easy points is to simply wear out your opponent. The green stamina bar indicates your (and your opponent’s) stamina. The more it drops, the slower your running becomes, and the worse your hits will be. Minimize running in order to avoid losing stamina, although you will have to run eventually.

When you need to defeat a more powerful player, slam the ball right back at them. You can even aim it a bit behind the court if you want to; if it is hit right at them, they’ll panic and lob it back over the net at you. Take their weak lob and slam it to the back corner of the court. You can often defeat players with power levels 20+ points higher than yours by doing this.

Which strategy you wants to use depends on the opposing player, so look at their stats and you’ll get a clue at what the best strategy is. If their stamina is high, don’t try to tire them out. Try to trick them.

If their forehand and backhand are high, watch out for the speed shot and try to run and anticipate where they are hitting the ball. Maybe draw them into a volley match.

If their volley is high, then hit the ball to the far corners of the court at high speeds to take the match back to forehand and backhand. If the stamina is low, then try to outrun them and tire them out.

Bags and Upgrades

Each time you win, you earn a bag, so make sure to set push notifications so that you can open your bag right away, unless you plan to spend gems on it (which is about the worst possible use of gems). The rarer the bag, the rarer the equipment and the more coins that will be inside. You also have a chance of finding gems in the rare bags, although those bags will also take longer to open.

Try to get away from all of your starter equipment as quickly as possible. Starter equipment provides not a single boost to your character and cannot be leveled up. Any other piece of equipment that you earn, no matter how common or rare, is associated with some type of boost, and can be leveled up with a combination of cards and coins.

Of course, rare and epic equipment is much tougher to earn, but your stats will increase much, much faster when you have epic equipment, or rare equipment, than they will when you simply have common equipment. Check out our guide on how to get rare and epic equipment in Tennis Clash. Due to the rarity of epic and rare equipment, though, sometimes, it’s actually quicker and easier to upgrade your common equipment, although it gets VERY expensive after awhile.

If you end up with a ton of upgrade cards and not enough coins, but other players are too powerful for you to get coins easily, then use the tanking cheat for unlimited coins to make it extremely easy to get coins without spending any money. Do this and you will be able to take care of your upgrades and move higher in the tours.

Strings are one of the rarest, least understood, and most expensive pieces of equipment in the entire game, but they can also serve as the difference maker when you get matched up against a more powerful opponent. Check out our complete guide to understanding and earning rare strings in Tennis Clash.

Matchups – Player vs Player

You’ll earn a new player whenever you unlock a new tour. To unlock a new tour and the new player that is associated with it, you’re going to need a specific amount of trophies (how many depends on the tour), which you can earn by winning more and more tennis matches. You can earn trophies on whichever tour you want.

The matchups are based on trophies and, to a lesser extent, which tour you decide to play. So if you play in tougher tours, you get tougher players, to an extent, but for the most part, the matchups are based on trophies. A player with more trophies is usually stronger (has a higher power level), making them tougher to beat no matter how good your tennis is.

As well, the matchmaking algorithm is constantly being updated by the developers to deal with lopsided matches that have been known to be a problem in the game. Lately, overall player strength is also being factored into the matchups. So expect the overall matching to be a mix of the player power, number of trophies, and what tour you are playing.


Be sure to participate in the tournaments as often as possible when you unlock them. When you unlock tour 4, you’ll unlock tournament mode as well. Play in the tournaments as often as possible in order to earn the biggest rewards that you can.

When a tournament comes around, you have to pass the qualifying round to get through to the tournament round. Once you get to the tournament round, then you will be able to play for prizes against other players. Check out the full guide to tournament mode in Tennis Clash.

Prize Bags

When you run out of bag slots and you don’t want to gem out a bag, keep on playing anyways. You can earn red Points Bags by scoring 40 points over the course of any number of tennis matches.

When you score those points, you’ll be able to open the bag right away, without waiting. Points bags tend to come with better goodies than the common blue bags do. Red bags (Grand Bags) come with about the same prizes as Points bags. Elite and King Bags have the best prizes out of all of them.

Load up on bags, then open them. Open the long term bags overnight and open the short term bags when you are playing actively during the day. Or do the reverse if you work the night shift.

Whenever you make it to a new tour,a new batch of equipment will become available to unlock. You have to win the bag in the tour in order for the equipment to become available. If you go back to an old tour and win the bag, the bag won’t include the new tour’s equipment.

Be sure to constantly collect the free bags whenever they show up, which is every four hours. Set push notifications to remind yourself to collect the bags often. These are some of your best sources of coins.

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