Tennis Clash: Server Error, Server Down, and Latency Guide and How To Fix

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Tennis Clash has become the most popular iOS and Android sports game in the world in an admirably short amount of time, even going up against heavyweights like Madden. However, this huge popularity has sometimes been a strain on the servers of the developers.

Sometimes, the server can be down, but other times, the errors have shown up in more subtle ways, like latency, delayed movements during a match, random game resets, or having the results of your match not show up after the match is done. Occasionally, they also result in lost rewards from free bags.

Read on for a guide on how to deal with server errors, down servers, and latency in Tennis Clash!

Occasionally, the server errors can be blamed on a weak internet connection, as often the game has strict standards for a strong connection. The game can be made easier to play on weaker connections, though.

To make it so that you have a bit more luck with a bad internet connection, one of the big fixes is to go to the settings menu. Go to the graphics setting and if your graphics are set to medium or high, set them to low instead. This greatly decreases the strain on the server.

If you are able to move to somewhere with a better cellular connection or a stronger wifi, go there and then play the game. This can include moving outside if you are in a building, or moving to an area of the building that has a stronger cellular signal.

If you have a metal case on your phone, take the case off and either play with a bare phone or replace it with a plastic/rubber/etc. case. Metal cases can block cellular signals, even if you normally have a very strong one. They don’t tend to block wifi signals too much, though, so they aren’t generally a problem for tablets.

Oftentimes, though, it isn’t a problem with your connection, but a problem with the server that you’re playing one. One possible solution for this is to download a VPN app and set your VPN to a location in a different country, to see if the servers there are running better. A country where the game is not that popular might be a good fit.

Another solution is to send a trouble ticket. There is a contact form that can be found on Google that’s hosted on, which goes directly to the developers. You can fill that out and report the trouble. Often you might even receive compensation for the server trouble.

If the outage is global, or there is another issue, such as server downtime for maintenance, just be patient and Tennis Clash will be back online in short order. The developers might also compensate for the trouble with gifts such as tennis bags.

Another effective solution is to post about the trouble on the Tennis Clash subreddit. The developers are very active there, posting under the username /u/TennisClash, and they’re very good about responding to issues that players are having with their connections.

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