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Terminator Genisys Revolution: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Terminator Genisys Revolution is the new mobile-game adaptation of the Terminator franchise’s latest movie. The game adaptation is pretty simple, in that it’s a list of missions for John Connor to undertake against the Terminators and other cyborgs, such as spiderbots, using a massive selection of weapons, from incendiary sniper rifles to plasma-powered machine guns. Read on for some tips and tricks for Terminator Genisys Revolution!

Most of the game is a fairly-straightforward rail shooter, meaning that the usual tips and tricks work here as well. Despite the fact that you are shooting at cyborgs, head shots are still the most effective and quickest way of terminating the Terminators. Always aim at the head whenever possible, although if the robots are too far away, just aim in the general direction instead.

Gold is the premium currency of the game, and if you want to get better weapons you are going to have to earn more gold. To do so, go to the IAP store and tap on one of the two free gold options. One of them gives you a number of free offers that you can complete for gold, while the other will let you watch advertisement videos in exchange for gold. While it’s not much gold, it can and will add up over time.

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Most of your weapon upgrades can be bought with cash, but some of them can only be purchased with plasma, which is another semi-premium currency. To get more plasma, you have to complete spec ops missions, which are far quicker and more difficult than the standard missions. If you can complete these, you can generally complete any of the standard ones. You can do a nearly endless train of upgrades on one single weapon.

Only upgrade when you really need to, though, so that you can slowly save up your cash. While most new guns cost you gold to buy, many of them can be alternatively purchased with cash, so if you don’t want to purchase gold or watch videos endlessly, hoard cash and purchase as few upgrades to your existing weapons as possible. Save up your cash until you can afford a new weapon, and then buy it.

Some special weapons run off of plasma. You will have to get some of those off of the purchased packages, which costs a ton of gold, but some of them can be earned by finding weapon parts in the spec ops missions. Find enough weapon parts and you will be able to build your own weapons.