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Terra Battle 2 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Terra Battle 2 is a new Mistwalker Studios RPG for the iOS and Android that expands upon the still-unique gameplay of the original. This one does “puzzle RPG” in a far different way than most other games do, prioritizing field position over most everything else, giving you a high amount of strategic input in the results of battles. You can get rarer and more powerful characters, and still find difficulty in battle as you so choose to. Read on for some tips and tricks for Terra Battle 2!

The overworld stage is where your first introduction to positional strategy comes. When a group of enemies is inside of your battle box, you’ll enter into battle with them. Don’t let them group together and control the narrative, though. Get an advantage from the beginning. One way to do so is to run right through them, splitting them up. You want them to appear as if they’re surrounding you; this makes it tougher for them to group together and attack you.

In the battle mode itself, your main method of attack is to surround your enemy from two sides opposite one another (up and down, or left and right), or to back them into a corner and surround them from the open sides. Push them around, too, by moving through them – if you move through an enemy they’ll move down one space in the opposite direction, making it easy to manipulate an enemy into being surrounded.

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Chain combos together for a more effective attack. To do this, you want your non-attacking party members to be lined up with one of your attacking party members, either vertically or horizontally. These will boost your attacking members for the rest of the battle, so the more combos you can pull off, the stronger your party will be during the battle.

If you’re doing a really good job building up a cast of strong party members, you might end up finding it too easy to win. If this is the case, then play in synced mode for more of a challenge. Your party’s strengths will be aligned with the enemy’s strengths, making this mode far more difficult; however, with the increased difficulty comes larger prizes for winning a battle.

Don’t let yourself get beaten by bosses with random, weird attacks. Oftentimes bosses will utilize multiple weapons and multiple attack types and will switch off between one and the other, making an entire pattern of your characters vulnerable to their attacks.