Terrarium: Garden Idle – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Terrarium: Garden Idle is a relaxing new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to grow plants, use them to get oxygen, and not only upgrade your plants, but unlock brand new ones as well. You can earn crystals, gain levels, and increase the size of your terrarium as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Terrarium: Garden Idle!

You can upgrade each plant in order to increase the amount that it earns per second, as well as the amount that it earns whenever you tap it (the totals are the same). A good way to maximize your tapping income is to put your three highest earning plants next to each other and then tap them with three fingers on one hand, so that you can tap them all at once. Use the four-way directional arrow at the top left corner of the screen to open the plant-moving screen.

Don’t just upgrade the plants and buy new ones. Hit the rainbow menu and you can get boosters such as fertilizer, intensive watering, and repellant, which can be either activated or upgraded. Fertilizer triples production for 10 seconds. Intensive watering does ten taps per second on every plant in your terrarium for five seconds. Repellant loads you up with oxygen immediately. Garden gnomes are another upgrade, which activate when you’re away and give you offline oxygen.

There are a number of things that you can watch video bonuses for. You can reload all of your boosters by watching a video ad. Additionally, you can triple your level-up money by watching a video ad. Finally, you can also triple your offline income when you come back from a long layoff by watching an ad video.

Hit the options menu to modify the game to your liking, including to switch it over to night mode. Night mode darkens the sky in Terrarium, making it a perfect setting for if you want to play the game after you go to bed at night.

Once you upgrade a plant to a high enough level, you’ll earn a second identical plant, and then from then on, every upgrade you make to that plant will upgrade the second one instead of the first one. If you’re trying to conserve space and don’t have a ton of oxygen, upgrade the first plant only to the maximum level and then stop until you have the space and/or oxygen to make it work with the second one.

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