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The Branch (Ketchapp) Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

The Branch is a new game by Ketchapp and Jaeho Lee and like almost all Ketchapp games, it sticks to the core values of “take two seconds to die and frustrate the hell out of you until you get it, and get you addicted in the process). Your character auto-runs across an endless branch, and you tap the screen in order to rotate the branch to stop him or her from getting blocked and dying. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Branch!

There are two types of coins that you can collect, as you may already have noticed. The gold coins act as the currency in this game, so if you collect them they will slowly add up until you have enough to purchase a new character. Each new character costs 50 coins to purchase, and you will earn them at random.

The other type of coin that you can get is the purple coin, which actually isn’t a type of currency. When you collect a purple coin, the direction of rotation changes on your branch. Often, you will have to tap far less often when you have the branch rotating to the left instead of to the right; the game seems like it’s built to challenge you more when you’re rotating to the right.

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Don’t be tempted by the coins that are to the left (or that are to the right if you have reversed the directions already). You can get these coins if you are really quick, but if you are not quick enough or the tap is timed wrong, you’ll end up launching yourself right off of the stage. Focus on the coins that are to your immediate change of direction, or right in front of you.

Or to earn coins faster, tap on the video icon that pops up after random stages. When you watch an advertisement video, you will earn ten free coins. The video icon will pop up randomly, so just keep dying in order to get it to come back so that you can earn some more free coins.

If you want to get rid of all of the ads, then all that you have to do is play the game with the data and the WiFi turned off, or play the game in airplane mode. If you do this, though, then you won’t be able to watch any videos for free coins, so there is a downside to that. It may help with the focus if you are trying for a high score record, though.