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The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth for iOS and Android Defense Guide: How to defend your kingdom and keep your resources

Defense is one of the most important aspects of The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth for iPhone, other iOS devices, and Android. You need to be able to defend your kingdom against attacks from other players. If another player attacks, they can take your resources, and they can kill all of your troops, forcing you to start from scratch and train entirely new troops, which can take forever. Read on to find out how to beef up your defenses so that you are not forced to do that.

The basics to defense are that your best defense is a good offense. Every single troop that you can train in your barracks doubles as a defensive troop when they are stationed in your city; however, when they are on a mission to attack another player, you can be attacked, and your troops will be unable to respond. That’s why you need to train defensive troops.

Train defensive troops by upgrading your City Wall when you are in the city view. As you upgrade, you will be able to train more defenses, which consist of traps, caltrops, defense crossbows and defensive trebuchets. The traps are strong against foot soldiers, the caltrops are strong against mounted troops, and both the crossbows and trebuchets are strong against the ranged troops (archers, axe throwers, etc). The higher of a level that you upgrade the wall to, the more troops you will be able to train, and the more advanced troops you will be able to unlock.

Build a vault in your city view so that you can stash resources in it, keeping them free from getting stolen by attackers. In addition, various forms of research can power up your troops, which helps your defense, as well as your attack. Research Honed Blades, because each level that you research them to, your troops’ attack will increase by 5 percent, so if you have a lot of troops, and research Honed Blades to its maximum level, your attack power will increase massively. Research Vigor to increase their health, and Strongbox to increase the amount of resources that the Vault can hold.

In addition, if you are in the process of building your troops back up, go to your keep, then your overview, and turn on “Hide all troops” to keep them safe from attack. To keep resources safe, aside from using the vault, don’t collect any quest rewards until you absolutely need them.