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The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth for iOS and Android: How to increase your Might rating

In The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, your might rating shows how powerful your kingdom is, in regards to its military. Your might and the might of other players and their kingdoms are calculated against each other, and the player with the most might becomes the top rated player in the game. Find out how to increase your might in The Hobbit by reading forth!

Each troop that you train in the barracks is worth a certain amount of might. Your first tier of troops (which is your elven/dwarven militia, mounted elves or dwarves, and your archers or axe throwers depending on your race) is worth 4 might each. Your second tier is worth 16 might each and your third tier is worth 24 might each. Build and upgrade your forge/armory and your stables, and do all of the necessary upgrades and research to unlock these higher tier troops.

Defensive troops will increase your might rating far more quickly than offensive troops will, and they can be trained much more quickly. First, go to the city view and upgrade your wall, and then go to the wall itself and start training troops. Your traps, caltrops and defense crossbows are worth 18 might each, and defensive trebuchets are worth 24 might each. Build up both your offensive and defensive troops to pad the might number.

What does the might number do? It really doesn’t have an an actual practical use; however, it shows other players how powerful your kingdom is. Having a higher might number can singlehandedly dissuade players with lower might from trying to invade your kingdom, even if it is padded by a higher number of defensive troops.

Build and upgrade more and more barracks so that you can train troops more quickly than you would otherwise be able to. Once you have unlocked troops in one barrack by upgrading buildings and researching technologies, all you need to do is to upgrade the other barrack enough to train the higher-tier troops.