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The Impossible Quiz (iOS) – List of answers and cheats for all questions

The Impossible Quiz is a new iOS game where you answer all kinds of ridiculous questions. Your goal is to get every single one of them right, but it can be hard to figure out the answer because the answer has nothing to do with the question half of the time. Read on for the answers to The Impossible Quiz!

1) Four holes in a polo.
2) No, but a tin can.
3) K.O.
4) Tap “The Answer” in the question.

5) Tap the circle on the right side, then tap the green “NEXT QUESTION” block.
6) The square root of onion is shallots.
7) “An elephant”
8) Tap right in the middle of the screen to get the answer right.

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9) Tap the upper right button that says “That one”
10) Choose food = choose the set of dentures.
11) “N” follows December 2nd.
12) Tap the dot above the I. You’ll need to tap over and over in order to get it to read.

13) F’taang!
14) Torch
15) Use the keyboard on the screen to type HORSE
16) H

18) Tap the hammer
19) Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Yellow
20) Seal

More to come!