The Impossible Quiz – Stupid Test: All Answers and Solutions to All Questions

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1) The question says “click here”. So instead of clicking on the red button, tap on the word “here”.

2) The average man has only one birthday. It’s the same birthday every year.

3) To make the fire, put the unburned pieces of wood into the fire that is already burning.

4) You can tap the same number multiple times. To make the biggest possible number, tap the 8 three times to make the number 888.

5) Simply do what the game tells you to do. Tap right, then down, then left, then up.

6) If there are 3 apples and you take away two, then you have zero apples, because if you already had apples, then you wouldn’t want to take two apples away.

7) If you want to exit, hit exit, but because you don’t want to exit, tap “no” to stay on the level.

8) the number 13 is physically the biggest so tap that one.

9) click on the words “the answer” in the question.

10) To tap the bottle with lemonade, pick up and drag the word “bottle” out of the question to the word “lemonade””.

11) To fit the picture into the frame, drag the word “picture” from the question into the frame.

12) To click the red square, move shapes out of the way and other shapes will be hiding behind them. Move more shapes until the red square appears.

13) To pick the right key, drag the word “key” out of the question and place it over the lock.

14) When you try to tap the numbers from small to big, the numbers will keep changing. Tap the smallest, then the one closest to the smallest, then the one closest to the previous number that you tapped. That’s 1, 11, 12.

15) There are a total of five holes in the question “How many holes in Volvo”.

16) To answer “how many letters in this sentence”, know that the game is talking about the word “letter”, so there’s only one.

17) For “answer is the answer” backwards, or “rewsna eht si rewsna”, tap the only non-backwards word, “cool”

18) To type “wolf” simply tap the letters w, o, l, and f, in that order.

19) To “tap the red square”, move the square in the middle of the screen, drag it over a red circle, then tap it.

20) Instead of trying to answer “What happens if you pick up the sun?”, use your finger to pick up the sun, then drag it onto the earth.

21) The sun is facing “none” direction.

22) Mary’s the sister in law of my dad’s only brother. That makes her my mother.

23) Drag every colored shape into the outline of the hexagon, then drag the circle into the circle outline.

24) The color that’s the opposite of red in this question is the word “Purple”, which is blue.

25) To wake up your friend, tap the door over and over until your friend wakes up.

26) To tap the smallest cloud, move all of the clouds away from the middle until you see the very tiny one.

27) To tap the slowest arrow, tap the word “arrow” in the question because the word is not moving.

28) All that you have to do is literally tap three motorcycles as they are moving.

29) Hit the submit button when the star is in the frame to take a photo of it.

30) A farmer has 17 sheep. All but 9 die. Therefore, there are 9 sheep left.

31) To arrange the keys smallest on the left to biggest on the right, flip your phone upside down.

32) To burst all of the balloons, wait until they come up slowly, then swipe over all three of them over and over again.

33) To change centimeters to meters, swipe your finger over the screen to rub out “Centi”.

34) To create a tornado, turn your phone around as if you were trying to do a fast panorama picture.

35) To find the bat, make the sun go away by swiping it off of the screen so that day becomes night. The bat will then come out.

36) You’re supposed to shake the phone to make the acorns fall, but the function doesn’t work. Just tap the number 9 and you win.

37) To make the dog go home, tap the sun and drag it off of the screen to turn day into night. The dog will go in its house.

38) The first ordinal in the sentence is the word “last”.

39) To change the bike wheel, tap on the wheel on the right and drag it over on top of the left wheel.

40) For 81 – 80 = ?, tap on the little alarm clock on the lower right hand side of the screen.

41) To break the window, simply tap the window over and over and over. Eventually, after about 20 taps, the window will break.

42) To catch the bird, ignore the cage. Instead, simply tap on the bird with your finger.

43) To “find a mistakes”, tap slightly to the right of the letter S in the question, then erase the S with your finger to change it to “find a mistake”.

44) To “find the angels”, shake your phone until angels appear around the character’s head, because she’s dizzy.

45) You can’t tear the paper in half, because the level is programmed improperly. Just hit the video skip button.

46) To find the diamond, take the two triangles and place them inside of the oval in a diamond formation.

47) to guess how many points are on two dice, count the points on one die, and multiply it by two. The answer is 42.

48) To open the safe box, change the numbers to 777, which is the lucky number, and hit submit.

49) Simply tap where it says “click here” to beat the level.

50) Tap on all four of the even numbers at the same time.

51) To “tap on the screen card based on the number displayed on it”, simply read the number on the card and tap that same number of times.

52) To find Sin 1/x = 6 What Is X, use your finger to erase Sin 1/ out of the question.

53) To arrange fruits in ascending order, arrange them alphabetically by name.

54) To replace the old tire with the new tire, drag the words “new tire” over the words “old tire” in the question.

55) To create a stop signal, drag the word “stop” from the question into the red circle.

56) to find Y, just tap the letter Y on the shape.

57) To spell accommodate, simply write the word accommodate into the text box.

58) Tap on the circle on the far lower right area of the screen and drag it up to the tic-tac-toe box to win the game.

If you’re playing on a notchy phone like the iPhone X/XS though, this doesn’t work, so you’ll have to go to Settings, then Accessibility, then enable Zoom, then drag the circle while you’re zoomed in.

59) To find the piano, drag the painting out of the way, then move the other shapes behind it out of the way until you hit the piano.

60) To guess where is dice now, just tap the shape in the middle.

61) No question is given with this one. Just rotate your phone 360 degrees to win this round.

62) To find what is in the center of the galaxy, simply tap on the T in the middle of the sentence.

63) To find “what is this”, tap on “This is Spartaaaa!!!”

64) Tap on the word accommodate, as this is the correct spelling.

65) simply tap anywhere on the screen to continue to the next level.

66) For some reason, the game thinks that there are 0 flowers in the yard. So change the number to zero.

67) Tap the numbers in order from biggest to the next smallest from the previous number.

68) Daniel is the angel in the middle of the characters, so tap the Angel.

69) simply tap on each of the even numbers in the list of numbers.

70) To park the car on the lot, out the car on the word “lot” in the question.

71) To out the sugar on the coffee, out there sugar on the word “coffee” in the question.

72) To Tap on the red square, move the shapes out of the way until you find the red square.

73) same as above.

74) same as above again.

75) memorize the space ship tracks, and drag your ship through even after the tracks disappear.

76) same as above.

77) same as above.

78) just drag your ship toward the planet.

79) drag your ship along the same route as the last question.

80) Slide the arrow to unlock.

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