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The Last Vikings – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

The Last Vikings is a new mobile RPG where you and your band of Vikings set sail in a boat, crash various villages, and raid them for goodies. You have a huge selection of villages to raid, each with more danger thrown in your path than the last. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Last Vikings!

The first step to all of the raiding is to go on a sea voyage. This is where you pick the village that you want to attack. The farther you go in the voyage, the more dangerous it gets, though. You have to hit the attack button when you see an attack (such as a bird dropping a boulder) in order to fend it off. Stop the bar on the arrow icon to get more arrows, or on the right-facing chevrons to speed up your boat, which gets you to the next location faster with fewer attacks.

Once you get to the gate, hit attack. You’ll do more damage if you have more vikings, which is why it’s important not to lose them in the sailing phase. You’ll damage the barricade, but usually you won’t destroy it. Go on another sea voyage and go back to the same barricade (remember which one you attacked) to go after it again, and again and again til you destroy it.

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Once the barricade is destroyed, go back to the same barricade and you’ll walk right through it, and enable the land battle where you can fight the villagers. You’ll have to stop the bar again; this time on the stats that you want to increase. The most valuable one is the blue bar, which adds more vikings to the raid, but the others can increase your speed, health, attack, and defense power. Of course, if you just do the sea battle again you can auto-raid the village.

You can raid a village as often as you want even after you beat it, so if you can’t beat the one that you are on, go back to the previous level, or find a different village to raid. You’ll find weapons and gold a lot of the time; if you receive an identical weapon to one you already have, you’ll be able to forge the weapon to a higher level. The more gold you spend, the higher the success rate will be for the forge.

To gain expereince extremely quickly, start a sea battle at the very beginning and sail as far as you can. The farther you sail, the more experience you get. If you just want the loot, then you can skip the distance and stop at any checkpoint that you have previously encountered.

Once you have enough materials, head to the boat builder. If your boat has not been maxed out yet, you will be able to upgrade it by adding seats, so that you can hold more vikings. If it’s at maximum size then you will be able to buy a brand new boat, as long as you have all of the necessary gold and materials.