The Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-earth – How to enhance and evolve your heroes

The Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-earth is Kabam’s latest venture into the world of Middle-earth. This card battler takes you and your fellowship all the way east from the Shire, eventually ending up in Mordor. You have multiple options for powering up the heroes in your fellowship. Enhancing and evolving your cards is the way to strengthen them for the tough battles and for the arena. Read on for a guide on how to do just that!

Enhancing your cards is a fairly straightforward thing. You enhance your cards by first picking one of your cards, ideally a rare one or a strong one in general. This will be the card that benefits from the enhancement. Then you can pick any cards that you want to sacrifice. These will be lost once the enhancement is done, so make sure you don’t want them before you sacrifice them.

As long as you have the gold to do so, you can then proceed with the enhancement. This will increase the card’s experience, causing it to level up, and its health and attack power will both increase. You can upgrade each card until they hit their own respective maximum levels.

Evolution is a different matter. You can evolve a card up to three times. Evolve a card by sacrificing an identical card. The improved card will inherit stat boosts from both cards, the boosts being higher for cards with higher experience levels. Your evolved card will drop back down to level one.

The two normal cards will evolve into a bronze card. The bronze card will evolve into a silver card, and a silver card will evolve into a gold card. The gold cards can often have better stats than a hero who is two star levels higher in rarity. For this reason, evolving your cards is crucial if you want to beat tough enemies in the arena, or tough bosses later on in the game.

After you evolve a card, then level it up using enhancement and just like when you first got the card, it will have some very quick experience level gains due to being back at level 1, which will lead to a huge stat boost just like before.