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The Moaning Words – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

The Moaning Words is a new hybrid collectible card battling game/choose-your-own-story novel by Alan Dean Foster, writer of several movie-based novels. This game explores the HP Lovecraft mythos and gives you the opportunity to make choices in the book which affect how the story goes, as well as to use your card skills to earn gold coins, Elder Signs and other goodies, while managing your energy points and sanity points. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Moaning Words by Alan Dean Foster!

The main card battling mode is very similar to games such as Star Trek Trexels. You and your opponent place cards next to each other, and when someone puts a card down, if they have a higher number than the adjacent card on the connecting side, the card changes color. Your goal, of course, is to have more blue cards than your opponent has red cards.

When you’re reading through the story, the choices you make effect your sanity points and your energy. Energy is required in order to make a choice, and many of your choices will drop your sanity points rapidly. Normal choices cause your sanity points to dip by one. If you are running out of either or, you can spend 100 gold apiece to buy syringes and other items which restore your sanity points and energy points.

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Play in the standard card games to earn more gold. In addition to using the gold coins to buy sanity and energy, you can use them to buy more cards, and you will need to because you start the game entirely with level 1 cards. Gold coins purchase tier 2-4 cards, which are far stronger, with far higher numbers and can better turn the fights in your favor.

You’ll earn free Elder Signs for completing various quests as well as for events, PvP fights and other things in the game. Use these to purchase the most premium card packs, which cointain tier 3-5 cards. These cards can make or break your battles, and when you’re up against a tough player, these can turn the tide quickly.

Elder Signs can also be used to purchase new novels and novellas from within the game itself. Right now there are two additional novels that you can buy. Keep playing and as the game is updated, expect more novels and stories to be added as well.