The new online texting dictionary: What does FML mean? What do SMH, LLS, IMMD, facepalm, SMDH, fail, epic fail, FWIW, TTFN, AFAIK, TYVM etc. mean?

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There are a lot of new internet and SMS text messaging abbreviations out there, and sometimes I read a new one and I don’t know what it means. Have you ever read some new text message slang on your cell phone, your kid’s cell phone, or on one of the internet forums or websites you visit, and had no idea what the word that was said meant? So have I, quite a few times. So I decided to figure out what some of the more popular ones mean and pass along the information myself.

SMH means “shaking my head” or “scratching my head.” This is typically used when someone does something very stupid. For example, if someone says “I was in the gym the other day, doing bench presses without a spotter, and I dropped the bar on myself. It took me 3 minutes to escape from under the bar”, an appropriate response would be “SMH”. SMDH is a related term. It means “shaking my damn head” or “scratching my damn head”. This is the next level of SMH – it’s reserved for something even stupider, something that SMH just won’t suffice for. SMFH is the even more extreme level of this – it means “shaking my f***ing head”. I don’t think I need to explain this one any further.

Facepalm is similar to SMH. It’s a response that’s typically used when someone says or does something really stupid. For example, if someone says “Wow, Europe is a continent? I thought it was a country!” someone might text back “*facepalm*”

Fail is also similar to both SMH and facepalm. It’s used more as a comment than a response, though it can be used for both purposes. Epic fail is the next level of fail – it’s similar to SMDH or SMFH, but more in comment form than the other two, which are in response form.

FWIW means “For what it’s worth.” AFAIK means “as far as I know”. A related term, AFAIC, means “as far as I’m concerned.”

TTFN means “Ta ta for now”, which is another way of telling someone goodbye.

LLS is similar to LMAO. It means “laughing like sh**”.

TYVM, on a more positive note, means “thank you very much”.

IMMD means “it made my day”.

That’s all for now! More to come!

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