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The Quest Keeper: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

The Quest Keeper is a new endless dungeon crawler for the iOS and Android platforms by Tyson Ibele. Think of this as what would happen if Crossy Road met a dungeon crawling game, as the isometric view and the endless mechanic add that little bit of addictiveness to the game. Plus, you can unlock all manner of new items while avoiding all kinds of different obstacles. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Quest Keeper!

The first thing to know is that it is theoretically possible to continue on forever, to an endlessly high score. All that you have to do is step on every revive panel that you come across. When you die, the game will give you the option to revive your character. Take that option for only five coins. Make sure to open every treasure chest to earn more coins.

Of course, this can get rather expensive, so you will want to have a number of plays through where you don’t revive, instead simply saving up your coins for better equipment. The better the equipment that you have, the more obstacles you’ll be able to simply skirt, and the further you can get without having to spend as much money on revives.

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Look for artifacts to add to your stash. Each time that you get a new artifact, you add half a heart to your life, and each heart that you add allows you to take one more hit without dying. Also, sometimes the Mystery Chest will contain a new artifact, as well, which is yet another perk for going a longer distance.

Check the options menu to see what you can mess with in order to tailor the game to your preferences. You can set the game into battery saver mode if you are nowhere near a charger and your phone is low, or downgrade the graphics. You can also place the game into continuous swipe mode or speed up the responses to your swipes.

Save money, and then pick out your equipment based on what you are having the most trouble with. Generally, pick out a mix of equipment that automatically lowers gates and renders you immune to the buzzsaws on the ground. These are two of the biggest problem areas for most players. Just remember what you actually have equipped so you can actually take advantage of it.