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The Respawnables for iOS: How to get free Gold and Cash

The Respawnables is a new shooter for the iOS in which you play a death match mode, either in single player or multiplayer form, yet even the single player mode does a great job impersonating what another player would do during the multiplayer death match. In this game there are two different types of currency. Cash is the main form of money in this game, while Gold is the premium currency, with which you can buy the REALLY good stuff. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

The main way to get more gold in The Respawnables is to buy it through the app store. You can spend anywhere between 99 cents and 99 dollars on more gold depending on how much you want. However, there are two ways to get gold for free. One of them is to tap on the main menu and hit the “FREE!” button in the lower right corner, then tap on feedback on the next screen. You will get 50 free gold for your feedback on the game.

The other way is to go back to the same “FREE!” menu, but instead of hitting the feedback button, hit the actions button. You’ll be taken to a large offer wall through Tapjoy, and through completing the offers, you’ll earn free gold. Most of the offers are free, while some of the offers cost money to complete, but you can do whichever ones you want to.

In addition, log onto and go to the Respawnables page and you will find even more offers that you can complete, all of which are free. All of them will involve downloading some app or another, usually a game, and upon downloading and running the app, the offer will be complete and your free gold will be ready to collect.

To get free cash as quickly as possible, simply complete the missions in the game as quickly as possible, get as many achievements as possible and gain levels as quickly as possible. Both of these are the fastest way to earn some new cash in the whole game. Other than that, simply try for as many points, kills and third place finishes as you can in each round.


Saturday 1st of August 2020