The Sims Mobile – List of All Careers: Guide and Tips

By | March 19, 2018

The Sims Mobile is a take on the big Sims franchise that allows you to give your Sims relationships, careers, and hobbies. Careers, specifically, allow you to make more money and fill your house with all kinds of cool stuff, and progression in your career allows you to make a LOT of money. Read on for the full career progression guide in The Sims Mobile!

Like Nobody’s Business starts you off as an administrative assistant. The different steps to career progression in Like Nobody’s Business are:
Admin Assistant, Campaign Cultivator, Junior Executive, Executive Vice President, and Executive Senior VP of Executives.

Trending Now puts you on a career path to becoming a designer. The steps to Trending Now are:
Alterations Associate, Ensemble Adicionado, Makeover Master, Trendsetter, and Fashion Icon.

The Way of the Latte occurs when you start off as a barista at the nearby coffee shop. The steps to The Way of the Latte are:
New Brewer, Barista’s Apprentice, Latte Artisan, and True Brewer. Unlike most careers, which have five steps total, this one only has four total steps.

Hand-Knit Justice is not about knitting; rather, it puts you into a career path as a high-profile attorney. The steps to this particular career are:
Legal Eagle, A+ Advocate, Deft Defender, Courtroom Champ, and finally, the Defender in Demand.

The Mystery Cure places you as a doctor, first as a low-level doctor, then as one who can rival Doctor Strange before his downfall. The steps to this particular area are:
Medic on a Mission, Practitioner with a Purpose, Experimental Researcher, Top Secret Specialist, then finally as Hippocratic Hero.

Out of the Frying Pan begins when you get a job at one of the local diners. The steps to the Out of the Frying Pan career path are:
Grill Gofer, Flavor Savior, Dish Whisperer, Umami Expert, and then, finally, Longshot Chef.

Remixology begins when you start on a career path as a DJ. The various steps to this career progression are:
Amateur Audiophile, Hooked on the Bass Line, Atmospheric Ace, Serious Spinner, and then finally, Kind of a Big Deal.