The Sims Mobile – List of All Relationships: Guide and Tips

The Sims Mobile is a mobile reimagining of The Sims franchise, and a much more comprehensive one than The Sims Freeplay was. While there is a lot to do in this game, by far the most entertaining is the relationships, simply because there are so many different possibilities. You can enter into all types of relationships, from lovers to frenemies and everything in between. Read on for a relationships list and guide for The Sims Mobile!

To start an adversarial relationship with a sim, you want to introduce yourself confrontationally. The possibilities are as follows:
Frenemies: The stages of this relationship are Basic Buddies, Caustic Companions, Truly Toxic, Sarcastic Saboteurs and then Frenemies.
Arch-Nemeses: The stages are Chilly Chums, Passive Aggressive Pals, Enemies, Nemeses, and Arch-Nemeses.
Old Rivals: The stages are Blasts from the Past, Renewed Rivals, Relentless Rivals, Blasts from the Past, and Adversaries to the End.
Tainted Love: The stages are Slightly Toxic Sweethearts, On-Again Lovers, Never-Again Lovers, Drama Addicts, and It’s Complicated.

To start an amorous relationship with one of your neighbors, do the flirty introduction. The possibilities are:
More Than Friends With Benefits: The stages of this one are Friends with Baggage, Touchy-Feely Friends, Friends with Benefits, Friends with Feels, and More Than Friends with Benefits.
A Missed Connection: The stages of this one are Old Acquaintances, Flirtationship, Puppy Lovers, Committed Relationship, and True Lovers.
Secret Crush: Just Friends, Not-So-Secret Crush, More Than Just Friends, Sweethearts, and Lovers.

Soulmates: The stages of this one are Not-So-Secret Admirer, Sudden Sweethearts, Lovers, Completely Enamored, and then Soulmates.
The Fixer Upper: The stages of this one are New Sweethearts, Unquestionably Quirky, Flirty Fixer-Upper, Wise Compromisers, then Unconditional Lovers.
Tainted Love: see above.

To start a friendly relationship, do a friendly introduction. The possibilities are as follows:
Geek Speak: The stages of this one are Chic Geeks,Impassioned Enthusiasts,Convention Companions,Fanfiction Friends, and Super Ultra Mega Besties.
Sports Buddies: The stages of this one are Fellow Spectator, Sports Buddies, Passionate Fans, Dreamteam Pals, and Fantasy Friends.
BFFs Forever: The stages of this one are Fast Friends, Buddies, Close Friends, Confidants, and BFFs.
Art Aficionados: The stages of this one are Art Admirers, Painting Pals, Amateur Appraisers, Art Mystery Buffs, and Crafty Sleuths.

Soundtrack of Soul: The stages of this one are Musical Mates, Acoustic Appreciators, Hardcore Harmonizers, Enthusiastic Ensemble, and Encorse Companions.
Two Peas in an Odd Pod: The stages of this one are Mismatched Pals, Judgy Buds, Comrades-at-Odds, Forgiving Friends, and Unlikely Allies.
Raincheck, Please: The stages of this one are Friends Again, Busy Buddies, Patchy Planners, Kinda Companions, and Occasional BFFs.
Misery Loves Company: The stages of this one are Wet Blanket, Pessimistic Pal, Sad-Trombonist, Major Bummer, and #1 Grump.