The Sims Mobile – Tips, Cheats, Free SimCash and Simoleons, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

How you introduce yourself to another sims defines what kind of relationship options you will have with them. For example, if you introduce yourself to them in a flirty way, you will have more options such as More Than Friends With Benefits, or Soulmates. Introduce yourself in a friendly way and you will have more platonic options. Introduce yourself in a confrontational way and you’ll get more interesting options, such as Frenemies.

Additionally, how you progress in a relationship with a sim can affect a whole lot of different things. You can unlock new types of fashion, which is especially important if you want to have the best-dressed sim. Other objects, such as household objects can be unlocked. Above all, meet a lot of sims and have diverse relationships with them.

If you want to make the most of your energy (and who doesn’t, really?), load up your house with beds. You’ll, as usual, be limited on things like house tickets, but you will be able to have your characters take power naps more frequently. When they take a power nap, they recover 10 energy immediately, so use the power naps to prevent having to take energy-restoration breaks.

Take one of these power naps with only one energy gone, and you’ll end up having above-maximum energy. Use this to your advantage before you start a really long-term event, as a four-hour event can be made or broken (well, not broken, but delayed) by not having enough energy. The more beds you have for this, the better, so that you can do this with more sims in a row.

You can quit an event at any time. All that you have to do is go to some other area, or log out of the game, and after the event timer runs out, you will still get credit for that event. You’ll have a real-time event time counter at your disposal, and the time will drop as soon as you complete an action in the event. So you can complete as many actions as you can, then let the event sit for a bit and finish.

You can interact with all of the other objects in your house, but not all of them will have the same kind of value that the beds will. For example, you can sit on the couch, but you won’t really get any rewards or extra energy for it. The main use for them is to facilitate more interactions during events with other sims.

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