The Sims Mobile – Tips, Cheats, Free SimCash and Simoleons, and Strategy Guide

The Sims Mobile is the latest iteration in The Sims series by Electronic Arts and Maxis, following The Sims Freeplay on iOS and Android. Your goal is to build a house, a career, and a social and love life, starting with one sim and moving on to many other sims. You can do one or multiple careers and hobbies, make use of your furniture, earn free Simoleons and SimCash, and build friendships and relationships with other Sims. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Sims Mobile!

Earning Simoleons
The quickest way to earn Simoleons is through quests and completing your to-do list. Other than that, send your sims out to do events and either spend energy to do the actions and finish it right away, or if you are about to put your phone down, let it auto-complete. Set all of your sims on events at a time if possible.

Earning Free SimCash
SimCash, being the premium currency of the game, is most commonly purchased with real-life money, but there are plenty of ways to earn it for free. Some quests and to-do list items will give you free SimCash, and look around whatever area you are in for the ad video offers, as these will often give you free SimCash as well. Plus, gain experience levels and save your SimCash.

Leveling up, aging, artifacts and retirement
When you level a character up to 16, you have the option to retire them. You can retire a character and they will hang around your area, giving you advice about career-related and other things, and you will earn an artifact that boosts you permanently. Hold off on retirement, though, if you need them to do some more work to get more Simoleons. You can always get that artifact later.

House upgrades and furniture usage
When you are expanding your house, build the biggest room that you possibly can so that you can buy more furniture and appliances. You’ll often need to make use of some furniture or appliance to cook, sleep, or do something else, so remember that every single Sim that you control can use any piece of usable furniture in your house. You don’t need to save one appliance or furniture for one Sim.

How to spend your SimCash
Absolutely, positively do not spend your SimCash on the speed-ups or time skipping. Instead, save them and spend them on more Sim slots. The more Sims you have, the more Sims you will be able to send out on jobs and earn Simoleons, which you always need more of. They can also be spent on premium furniture, which is less useless than skips but more useless than Sim slots.

Change your appearance and customize your character
Every single piece of changing your character’s body is free. You can change their gender, body type and size, skin color, haircut and facial hair. That’s all free. Clothes and accessories are about all that cost money, especially the stuff that you get from the Fashion Shop, which should really only be utilized if you are spending real-life money on the game.

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