The Sims Social for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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So you’re either just now getting started on playing The Sims Social, which is rapidly becoming the most popular Facebook game there is, or you’ve been playing for awhile butyou want some good advice. No matter whichone you fall under, you are in the right place. Read on.

As you begin The Sims Social, your first choice in the game is to choose your character’s gender and then customize him/her. Make a choice now that you won’t regret, because it’ll cost you real game money to change your gender later on, although it CAN be done.

You have multiple different things to work on increasing in the Sims Social. Here’s the rundown.

Simoleons: This is The Sims’ form of money. Increase this by doing skilled tasks (such as catering, composing music, or writing on the computer). You can also make money by clearing weeds and rocks out of your yard, or by watering plants that you have planted. Rummaging through trash cans also earns you simoleons. Farming is the best way to make money per amount of energy used, but you only have 4 farm plots, so you have to use them wisely.

Experience Points: Increase these by doing almost any task in the Sims Social, or by completing missions. Gaining levels will allowyou to unlock new things and will give you bonuses such as Lifetime Points.

Social Points: These are earned by socializing with your neighbors, whether they are your friends, lovers, enemies or acquaintances. You earn either 2 or 3 social points per social interaction. You can earn larger amounts of social points by achieving a new friendship status with a neighbor (good friends, lovers, etc) Use these social points to buy furniture, decorations and other items that can only, exclusively be bought with social points. Eachitem that you buy with social points needs to be “finished” with certain items that you can only get from friends, or only earn via social interactions or other happenings, such as love, fury or goodwill.

Love, Fury and Goodwill: Love is earned by romantic social interactions. Fury is earned bymean social interactions. Goodwill is earned by friendly social interactions. These all can be used for things such as completing furniture that you bought with social points or for completing missions.

Lifetime points: These are earned by upgrading your skill level at skilled tasks (composing, catering, writing, etc). You can spend these on buying new traits for your character (kissing machine, insane, ninja, etc). Upgrade them enough and you’ll get newskills such as floating or talking to plants (depending on which trait you upgrade).

Happiness: Increase this by taking care of your Sim’s basic needs (social, fun, hygiene, bathroom, sleep and food). If all of your needsare completely taken care of, you will become Inspired and be able to earn a 50% money bonus for every skilled task you do. If any of them go into the red or the orange (bad), your sim will become destracted and stop responding to your commands, instead taking care of these needs themselves. None of them require any energy to do, except for social, which requires 1 energy point per social interaction.

(note: if you leave your sim alone, they will take care of these needs themselves. If you leave your sim alone for awhile at someone else’s house, they will take care of the social need as well, without any of your energy being used)

House Value: Increasing your home value in simoleons will allow you to level your house up and move you into a nicer neighborhood. Increase this with added furniture, room additions and decorations.

Bonus Energy: You get 5 energy freebie pointsper day at each of your neighbors’ houses. Use these creatively – you can either socialize, water their plants, rummage through the trash cans, clean and fix things, or basically, do whatever you want for free with these energy points.

Your best bet for initial progression is to complete the missions as they are given to you until you figure out other things that you can do on your own. This is a very open endedgame though, so you can essentially play thisgame however you so choose.

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That’s it! More tips? Post as comments!

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