The Sims Social for Facebook: Guide to being enemies and being in a mean relationship

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There’s one thing in The Sims Social that nobody ever wants to do, but doing this thing that nobody wants to do is required, in some instances, in order to complete various missions. What I’m talking about is being in a mean relationship with another Sim. Sure, it’s not usually that fun to actually be mean to people, unless you’re a mean person in general, but you can be in a mean relationship with another sim and not offend anybody in real life if you want to. Wanna know how to get into a mean relationship andhow to do it without offending any of your friends? Read on.

Being in a mean relationship is simple. It requires you to go over to your friend’s house and do mean actions. Mean actions can include insulting your friend, peeing in their plants, messing up their bed, and other assorted actions that you’re given the choice to do when you go over to their house. Doing any of these actions will negatively impact your friendship meter, and when this meter goes down far enough, you will officially become enemies with this sim of choice.

If you’re good friends with them to start with, though, most or all of these actions will be unavailable to you, so you need to find other ways to drain the friendship meter. The easiest way is to try to flirt, and fail miserably, over and over again. Keep using the exact same flirt technique over and over and over again, and it will fail after about the second time using it. Each time you flirt and fail, your friendship meter with that sim goes down, so you can become enemies with a simeven without doing mean things if you try hard enough.

How do you get in a mean relationship with another sim without pissing off a real life friend? There are two ways. The first and most obvious way is to do this with your computer-controlled friend. Go over to his or her house, do mean things or piss them off byflirting and failing over and over again, and before you know it, you can make enemies with them. The second way is to coordinate with one of your friends beforehand in an attempt to become enemies. Make sure your friend is ok with it, and then once you do that,go about on the process of getting in a mean relationship by doing mean things to them and having them do mean things to you. Now,you’ll have an enemy in the game who’s a friend in real life!

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