The Sims Social for Facebook: Guide to levitation and making objects float

By | 20111011

One of the things people wonder about in The Sims Social is how to levitate objects. You have probably seen your friends do it and it sounds impossible, but guaranteed, you can do it quite easily. Your friends will be jealous and they will almost certainly be asking you how you did it, so what will you tell them? . Here’s how to do it.

Here is how you levitate objects. Levitating objects is actually fairly easy and is based around a glitch in The Sims Social. First, go to build mode and look at the entire building grid of your property. The outer edges will be outlined in pink. These will be your key to levitation.

First, build tables on the outer edges (the pinkgrids). Build as many tables as you need in order to hold the item that you want to float (for example, if it is a 2 grid item, stick 2 tables next to each other). Then, stick the item that you want to float on top of the tableor tables. Now, use the “move” tool to move the underlying tables out of the way, or to stick them in your inventory, and your top item won’t fall over. It will simply stay there suspended in mid air.

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To levitate something even higher, simply stack tables on top of tables, and then put theitem you want to levitate on top of the tables that you stacked up. Then move or store the tables and the floating item will stay in place.Use this trick to create chains of floating items or to increase your house value withoutcluttering up the inside of your house.

Use this creative little trick if you want to impress your friends with your amazing skills,and now, you can tell them exactly how you did it, or you can show them how to do it, and then continue the cycle, so to speak.

To access these floating items, however, you need to have ninja skills, which allows you yourself to levitate. So it’s not recommended to put actual useable items on top of the tables unless you either have duplicates or you don’t care if you can use them or not anymore.

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