The Sims Social: How to find the Haunted Mirror and how to complete the Ghost Town Quests – How to get Dusters, Riddles, Witches Hats, Fear, Skulls, and Trick or Treat bags

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The Sims Social has a whole bunch of new Halloween quests out, but there is one quest that confuses everybody – find the Haunted Mirror. Go into your shop and look around, and you will see NOTHING that is called the Haunted Mirror. So how do you complete that one, what comes after that quest, and what do you do to complete those quests? Read on!

The Haunted Mirror isn’t called the “Haunted Mirror” in the game shop. I’m assuming that this is a glitch on the part of the manufacturer of the game. The Haunted Mirror is actually called the “MSS Mirror of Shame”. It costs 600 Simoleons to buy, so it’s not actually a tough mission to complete – you just have to know the actual name of it in order to complete it.

When you complete that, the rest of the missions (practicing your zombie dance and saying “handyman”. After you finish this one and the handyman ghost comes out of the haunted mirror, you can talk to the handyman and fill your social all the way up to the top, no matter how low it is, even if it’s in the red. Otherwise it would take more time and more energy to fill your social to the top.

The Haunted Mirror is the only item that has a different name in the store than it does in the quest. Other items in quests, such as the Haunted Desk, are actually CALLED by their real names in the stores (for example, you can buy the Haunted Desk).

Tips for further quests in the Ghost Town Quests series:

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You can get Dusters, Riddles, Witches Hats or Fear by asking friends for them. If you don’t have enough friends to ask, check out the Sims Social Add Neighbors list. You can also get Witches Hats, Skulls, Trick or Treat bags and other random spooky items by interacting with skill items and doing a skilled action that costs you energy. Get Toads by taking pictures of toads in your backyard and in your neighbor’s backyards.

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