The Sims Social: How to get more Muse, Goodwill, Lifetime Points, Social Points, and Fury

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People have been asking about how you get more Muse, Social Points, Lifetime Points and Fury in The Sims Social. If you want to find out how to get more of all of them, keep reading on.

You can get more Muse by doing something artistic. Painting with the easel and playing the guitar will earn you more Muse, but only when you do these things to earn money. Every so often, when you socialize with friends, you’ll earn extra Muse too. Another way to get Muse is to listen to music, dance, or do something else artistic, such as painting for fun. The number one way to get them, though, is still through artistic activities. You can also ask your friends to send you Muse. Another little trick to get Muse is to go into your yard and take pictures of animals when you’re inspired. It doesn’t work if you aren’t inspired and it doesn’t work in your friends’ yards – only in your yard and only when you are inspired. You can even get them from love-related activities such as flirting or flattering or kissing.

You can get more lifetime points by adding extra skill points to any moneymaking activity you might do. You do this by unlocking the next trait and leveling up at your particular skill. Many of the quests you do will earn you lifetime points as well, so complete quests as quickly as possible to earn the most lifetime points possible.

Social points are earned simply by socializing with your friends’ sims. Every social action that you do with your friends earns you social points, but there is no other way to earn them besides socializing with your friends’ sims (or with Bella, the computer generated friend sim)

Fury is earned a number of ways in the Sims Social. The first and foremost way is by asking your friends for Fury. If you don’t want to do that, simply perform “mean” actions, and you will earn Fury points for it. Play the guitar for fun and you’ll earn Fury at random, although it doesn’t happen every single time.

Goodwill is earned by doing the exact opposite – doing friendly social actions. When you do them, you’ll have Goodwill drop fairly often, but as with other things, it’s always by chance. Sometimes, when you do love social actions as well, you’ll earn Goodwill, but you won’t earn it as often from those as you will simply from friendly actions.

Want free money? Go and visit your friend’s houses and use that 5 bonus energy that you get over at your friends’ place, go to their computer and hit “write lyrics” and you’ll earn 15 simoleons and 10 experience. They get bored of this after awhile, so mix in a few other actions to stop your sim from getting bored. To get free experience, do this, but do the rummage trash can action (which is worth 5 simoleons and 10 experience), which your sim never gets bored of.

To take care of your social need for free, go to your friend’s house and let your sim sit there for awhile. Your sim will start taking care of their needs on their own, but make sure that every other need is green first, and then your sim will start taking care of their only need – socializing. They will start talking to your friend’s sim on their own. You won’t earn social points for this, but you’ll take care of the “social” need and have more energy to use when you are inspired.

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