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The Trail: A Frontier Journey – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

The Trail: A Frontier Journey is a new game for the iOS and the Android platforms by Kongregate. You play as a traveler from campsite to campsite whose goal is to explore and discover new areas, collect items, journey to campsites so that you can buy and sell goods, and find and make it to Eden Falls, where you’ll settle down, start a family and build a business empire. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Trail: A Frontier Journey!

Once you get to Eden Falls, you often end up at a point where you can’t build anything because no property was available, which leads many to panic into thinking they have to restart the game. Instead, go to the map and go to the last camp before Eden Falls. From there enter Eden Falls again and a property should be available to purchase. Repeat again if necessary until you find a place to build.

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If you want to win the trading game every time, wait in the camp until you are alone, then go to the trading area and start trading items. No matter how much or how little you trade, you will win, which gives you an item. The items are sometimes useless, but sometimes they are items that are completely necessary for completing a mission in the game.

You have to use axes to cut wood. If you find a tree or piece of wood that you can’t cut, like birchwood, you have to wait until you complete the quest to find a recipe to build a better axe. Once you get that recipe, search out the crafting items that you need, build the strongest axe that you can, and then once you have the axe, you should be able to cut down the harder wood.

Watch video ads for a good way to earn free items, such as mission-critical items. Another good thing to look out for is raccoons. When you see a raccoon hiding with its tail sticking out, pull it and the raccoon will run off, leaving behind an item, which oftentimes is one that you need to complete a mission.

Always keep a hat on your head, and always keep a back-up hat around if you can, because a hat on your head means that you will have more hearts. Hats are the only item in the entire game that increase the number of hearts that you have. Once a hat wears out and you can’t wear it anymore, you will be forced to drop back down to one heart.