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The Unbeatable Game – Answers, Walkthrough, Spoilers, All Levels, Cheats, Page 2

Level 31: Make it say 27.
Level 32: Tap the 100 and hold it until it disappears.
Level 33: Tap the red balloon, then the green balloon, then tap the blue heart twice.
Level 34: Flip your phone over and the egg will break.
Level 35: Tap outside of the screen, then drag your finger inward (top right side) and you’ll bring a moon into the screen. Put the moon over the sun.

Level 36: Blow into the microphone to make the hay go away.
Level 37: The / symbol changes 5+5+5 to 550.
Level 38: Sentett is the next word in the sequence.
Level 39: To prove X = V, tap the lower half of X to make it disappear.
Level 40: The elephant has 5 legs.

Level 41: The answer is Mother.
Level 42: Tap the strawberry on the left three times to pick three strawberries.
Level 43: The figure to the right can be formed by rotating the figure above.
Level 44: Flip the word “not” into “ton”. Ton is heavy forwards, backwards it’s not.
Level 45: Tap the mosquito 3 times to kill the mosquito.

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Level 46: Drag one of the match sticks in the middle away to remove one so that 3 squares can be formed.
Level 47: “A” is silent in parliament so drag it away.
Level 48: Swipe from right to left in order to move to the next level.
Level 49: To open the box, rotate your phone to the left.
Level 50: The volume of the pizza is Pi*z*z*a.

Level 51: Drag the word “three cows” into the boxes to put three cows into nine stables.
Level 52: Hold your finger over the dark cloud to hide it.
Level 53: Use two fingers to swipe down to go back to the old question.
Level 54: Do a two-finger swipe upwards to go to the next question.
Level 55: 2 lines can divide the crescent moon into six parts.

Level 56: The answer is a map. A map has roads but no cars, rivers but no water, hills but no trees, and places but no houses.
Level 57: Tap the “SU” in the top right corner to find the mistake.
Level 58: Move the stick behind the frog to make it jump away.
Level 59: Drag the frame onto the fish.
Level 60: Plug the phone into a charger.

Level 61: An A (letter) occurs in a day and a year but not a week.
Level 62: Rub the smoke to make it go away to stop the alarm.
Level 63: Tap the word fish in the sentence “Tap the smallest fish”.
Level 64: The girl is the hot one.
Level 65: Tap the question mark next to the word “us”

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