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The Unbeatable Game – Answers, Walkthrough, Spoilers, All Levels, Cheats

The Unbeatable Game has a bunch of ridiculous, non-sequituresque questions that you have to answer, but oftentimes the answer is completely out of the box and unorthodox. It’s something you would never expect half the time. But we have all of the answers right here (SPOILER ALERT). Read on for all of the answers to The Unbeatable Game!

Level 1: Shake the phone to break the glass.
Level 2: Your niece’s brother is your nephew.
Level 3: Tap “Bicylce” to fix the word.
Level 4: Tap the Z in the triangle to “find z”.
Level 5: An organism with 4 legs in the morning, 2 during noon and 3 at night is HUMANBEING
Level 6: You are on question 6, so tap the 6.

Level 7: Blow into the microphone to blow out the candle.
Level 8: When you go uphill, downhill, then across in the middle you get the letter A.
Level 9: To make a fire alarm, tap the red button slowly, then faster and faster.
Level 10: Fix the arrows by putting two fingers on the screen and rotating the arrows upwards.
Level 11: Tap the question mark in the sentence “What comes after December 31?”
Level 12: Tap the middle of the rope three times to cut it.

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Level 13: Replace the ? with 5
Level 14: It’s 2 AM.
Level 15: The answer is Mississippi
Level 16: Shake the phone and then press 5.
Level 17: -25, -20, -13, -3, 2, 8, 19
Level 18: Tap “The” and “Order”

Level 19: Tap the smiley.
Level 20: There are 2 odds.
Level 21: Tap “Tap Me” when the green light is on.
Level 22: 15:10::5:0
Level 23: To find the error in the 24 hour clock system, tap the lower left clock, which says midnight and 05 12.
Level 24: Tap and drag the word “Key” away from “donkey”.

Level 25: The answer is -1.
Level 26: To make 100 less than 1, drag the period to the left side of 100 to turn it into .100
Level 27: The river Thames is in the liquid state.
Level 28: The “E” is in the middle of the “SEA” so drag it to the middle of the screen.
Level 29: Drag C and Y away from the word “Candy”.
Level 30: Tap the blue button for the most lively part of Russia.

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