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The Walking Dead: Our World – Rare Cards Guide: How to Get Legendary, Epic and Rare Cards

The Walking Dead: Our World is The Walking Dead’s answer to Pokemon Go – a location-based AR combat game in which you lead a group of survivors in their quest to rid the world of zombie infestations. You can earn all manner of cards, including weapons, survivors, and perks, and these cards come in common, rare, epic, and legendary forms. Read on for tips on how to acquire the rarest cards in The Walking Dead: Our World!

First thing’s first is what the rarities entail. Common cards are represented by one star and a white background. Rare cards are represented by two stars and a blue background. Epic cards are represented by three stars and a blue background. Legendary cards are represented by four stars and a gold background.

Rare cards are the easiest of the non-common cards to get. The most common place to find these is at the tail end of a multi-stage infestation. However, two other places to get these cards are from safe houses and from group rewards for completing a tier. Plus, they can occasionally be found in airdrops.

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Epic cards are one step rarer, and thus, are more powerful. You’ll VERY rarely find these when you finish a multi-tiered infestation battle, especially when you do battle against tough/red infestations. Safe houses will provide these when you level them up, so if you want to get a high level safe house, make sure to stick it in a busy area. Group rewards offer these at higher tiers, as well.

Legendary cards are the hardest in the game to get. You’re not going to find these at the end of battles. Instead, you have two ways to get these. One way is to collect rewards from a high-level warehouse. The other is to be a member of a group with a high tier, so that when your group finishes the battle, there’s a more likely chance of earning these.

Increase player levels to increase the size of your potential card pool. Whenever you gain a level, more new cards will appear in the drops; go to the card collection and scroll down to “level up to find” to see what will unlock at the next level, and at future levels after that. Also, when you gain a level, the infestations on the map reset instantly, so time your level-up for when you run out of infestations. You can level up by upgrading the cards that you already have.