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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – How to get free gold coins

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the new mobile RPG based on the comic book and TV shows that has taken the mobile world by storm. Your goal is to build Woodbury into your own productive and fortified home base, join factions, explore the story and take on rival players. Gold coins are the premium currency of the game, mainly used to get rare, ultra rare and elite survivors into your party. Read on for some tips on how to get more gold coins for free in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival!

Right now, in the wiki for the game, it states that you can complete free offers in exchange for gold coins. As of the time of writing, the offers (and video ads as well, most likely) have not been added to the game yet. By the time the first update to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival comes out, they should have been added to the game. So once the game is updated (or if you are reading this and it has already been updated), you should find this option inside of the IAP store, on both the iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Complete the missions in order to earn more coins. Not all of them provide coins as a reward, but some of them do. Look through your list of available missions to see which ones give you coins as a reward, and once you complete them, don’t hesitate to collect them. Once you hit level 6, daily missions will open up too, providing more opportunities to earn free coins.

Watch for raid tournaments. They are limited events, and when they come around, they’ll provide big rewards for completing them, such as gold coins. When there are no tournaments, focus on improving your team via level ups and upgrades, so that when the tournaments do come around you’ll be in a good position to dominate other players.

Play the roadmap battles as these often provide a large reward compared to the usual storyline rewards. Even the ones that don’t provide free gold coins provide other useful things, such as huge EXP bonuses (leveling up will sometimes earn you gold coins as a bonus). Or you’ll get rare and above characters, something that you would have spent coins on anyways.

Make the most of your gold coins while you have them. Don’t spend them on things like reviving after you lose. Keep them so that you can slowly build them up over time. Once you make that magical 250 mark, you can get a rare character from the store. If you’re completely full up with rare characters, then you can spend them on rare weapons instead.