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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 3

It’s very easy to run out of room to store your food and your materials if you aren’t upgrading enough. Always be sure to upgrade your food storage and your material storage, and keep the upgrade levels as high as you can. Not only will it be required in order to do big upgrades, such as to the town hall, but simply just to have a larger amount of storage room so that you can have enough in storage to be able to do training, upgrades, and leveling up at the same time.

Do more upgrades to your Training Center as quickly as possible. You will be able to train different survivors with different types of rush attacks. As you upgrade higher and higher you’ll be able to get rarer and rarer survivors using this, although it will take awhile to get upgraded to the point where you can get three-star people.

Join a faction as soon as you can. One of the main benefits of being in a faction is that during a raid, or during the roadmap missions, you will be able to take a faction supporter with you as the sixth member of your team. That extra member, if they are strong enough, can also make the difference between a win and a loss when it comes to a close battle.

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When you’re fighting against a big group of walkers, switch to manual mode and target the closest ones first. They can’t attack if they are not right next to you, but oftentimes the auto-battle mode will target far-away walkers, leaving the close ones open to get you, and when they attack, they typically do more damage than human fighters do.

When you’re fighting against people, aside from the obvious tip of trait advantages, target the one who does you the most damage right away, so that you can eliminate them and save your characters from getting killed off too early. This is typically only for when you fight against a party who has one person that’s massively stronger than all of the others. If it’s only marginally stronger, stick to the trait advantages.

Once you hit level 6 you will unlock the daily missions. Complete these for large rewards, including items that can deal splash damage to multiple enemies or walkers, and tokens that can earn you even more rewards. Daily missions are refreshed every 24 hours, so complete them before they get turned over.

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