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The Walking Pet (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

For character selection, pick a character whose entire body can be used to judge what angle they’re at. That means avoid the pig. The pig is a pain to control, and an even bigger pain to make it its position, because its belly is one great big oval with no gradients whatsoever, so you have to pay attention extra hard in order to get it to go farther.

When you have only one or two strawberries to go until the next animal, don’t bother watching a video. Skip the video, and just play and collect strawberries on the route, which will be a whole lot faster unless you are terrible at the game. When you earn a new character, any of the extra strawberry rewards go away.

A good way to ensure that you make it over the ramps okay is to make two quick taps at the same time as you go over the hill. One tap and you will need to speed up a lot; three taps and you just might fall on your back. Everything depends, also, on the character that you use; some will require you to tap faster than others.

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There are ten characters altogether in the game, including the one “final” character. Once you unlock them all, more characters will eventually pop up when the game is updated. Check back at the App Store or Google Play to look out for updates. As updates come, expect new characters to be added to the game.

If you get sick and tired of the ads, you can always turn your phone or tablet into airplane mode in order to stop the ads from popping up. Obviously, this is something that has negative consequences (no watching commercials in order to get strawberries, for one thing, since you need an internet connection to make the commercials pop up).

If you start to get too frustrated with the game, take a break for half an hour to an hour, which should be enough time for all of the adrenaline and frustration to go away, and then come back and play it again. As you play it more and more, you will feel the game being committed to muscle memory, and it will get far easier for you to go far in.

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