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The Walking Pet (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

The Walking Pet is Ketchapp’s latest frustration-maker for the iOS and Android. You control a pet animal, initially a cat, who is trying to walk on its hind legs in order to get as far as possible, as well as collect strawberries for food (and currency, hah) along the way. It’s frustrating and addicting, as each tap takes one step and your pets tend to not be very sure on their feet. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Walking Pet!

You will need to practice a whole lot to find your timing with each pet, especially the cat as that is the first pet. Generally, the step should start when the cat’s head is completely upright. Sometimes the cat will tip a little bit forward or backward, so adjust the speed as you need to in order to keep the cat from falling down.

Watch out for the ramps as well. They are a bit hard to make out at first as they are tiny little blue things, but when the pet is on the left side of the ramp you will need to slow down your taps to get your pet uphill without falling backwards. On the right side of the ramp you will need to speed up your taps to keep your pet from falling forwards.

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When you first play it might seem like the only way to collect strawberries is to watch the free advertisement video offers that pop up. However, the farther you get into the walk, the more strawberries that you will find. As your skill at walking your pet increases, you’ll come across more and more of them, to the point where the videos will no longer be your main source of strawberries.

Be careful with each new pet that you earn, as they often have slightly different timing to keep them walking. For example, the chicken needs to be walked a little bit more slowly, as it takes longer steps and its head bobs back and forth, like an actual chicken, as it walks, meaning that it can sometimes swing itself off balance at times when the cat wouldn’t.

If you just want to earn a lot of strawberries really quickly, fall as soon as possible because the video prompt will pop up immediately after you fall. It will appear randomly, seemingly unaffected by what your score on the level actually was, so the faster you fall each time, the faster that the pop up eventually shows up.

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